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Copper coated earth rod

ARGOS copper coated earth rod, of TBB  is designed for offering to the [...]

Earth rod with clamp

ARGOS common earth rod, of CUR 110 range,  with 1 m length, in [...]

Driving head

 ARGOS driving head, of ARQM range is designed for driving earth rod with [...]

Coupling dowel

ARGOS coupling dowel, of ARXM range, in brass is designed for connecting copper [...]


ARGOS coupling, of ARLM range is designed for connecting earth rods between each [...]

Driving spike

ARGOS driving spike, of ARJW range is designed for driving easily the earth [...]

Earth rod to tape A clamp

ARGOS earth rod to tape A clamp, of ARFDJ range is designed for [...]

Earth rod to cable G clamp

ARGOS earth rod to cable G clamp, of ARVDJD range is designed for [...]

U bolt clamp

ARGOS U bolt clamp, of ARUJ range is designed for connecting flat conductor [...]

Split bolt connector

ARGOS split bolt connector, of ARK range is designed for using earthing systems [...]

Earth bonding point

ARGOS earth bonding point, of ARJD range is designed for connecting rebar to [...]

Earth bar

ARGOS earth bar, of AREBC range exists in different sizes and specifications and [...]


ARGOS insulator, of EBI range is designed for insulating electrically and mechanically the [...]

Disconnecting link

ARGOS disconnecting link, of AREBC range is designed for a temporary disconnection of [...]

Copper coated steel bar

ARGOS copper coated steel bar, of ARCSB range is designed for down conductors [...]

ARGOS EEC earthing enhancing compound

ARGOS EEC earthing enhancing compound, of ARJ range is designed for improving the [...]

ARGOS earthing dollop

ARGOS earthing dollop is the perfect product made of graphite powder, recommended for [...]

Static earth receptacle

ARGOS static earth receptacle, of ARJRQ range in brass is designed for being [...]

Inspection housing

ARGOS inspection pit, of ARJDG range has a maximum safe working load of [...]

Earth boss

ARGOS earth boss, of ARTT range is designed for providing an earth connection [...]