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Lightning rod

ARGOS lightning rod simple rod type, of LAR range, in copper has a diameter [...]

Multi point

ARGOS multi point  of LMP range, tapered in copper is designed for being [...]

Lightning counter

                ARGOS lightning and overvoltage counter [...]

Air rod ridge saddle

ARGOS air rod ridge saddle, of LRS range, is designed to support air [...]

Flat air rod saddle / round conductor

ARGOS flat air rod saddle, of LAS range is used to support air rod [...]

Back plate holdfast

 ARGOS back plate holdfast, of LBP range,  is used when it is necessary  [...]

Round cable clamp

ARGOS round cable clamp, of LIT range, is designed for connecting round conductors [...]

One hole cable clip

ARGOS one hole cable clip, of ARFLJ range,  in copper is designed for [...]

Solid circular to tape connector

 ARGOS solid circular to tape connector, of LCT range,  is designed for connecting [...]

Tape clip

ARGOS tape clip for flat conductor, of LTC range, is designed for fixing [...]

Metallic cable clip

ARGOS metallic cable clip,  of ARLMC range is designed for maintaining multibraid copper [...]

Metallic DC clip

ARGOS metallic DC clip, of ARLDM and ARLMP ranges, is designed for fixing [...]

Square tape clamp

ARGOS square tape clamp, of ARLST range has four possibilities of connection, to [...]

Light duty air rod saddle / flat conductor

ARGOS flat duty air rod saddle, of LDS range, is used to support [...]